Travelling with a baby: what should you take with you in your travel pharmacy and do you need to prepare any other items?

Are you travelling to a faraway country with your little one? Then be sure to take a first aid kit and travel pharmacy with you, because your child’s health is essential for a great holiday!Checklist of your baby’s travel pharmacy

Sometimes you won’t find the medication or supplies your baby needs in the country. So be prepared for anything. Here are some essentials that should definitely be in your baby’s travel pharmacy.

  • Vaseline
  • ORS for babies
  • Ear Spray
  • Baby plasters
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Thermometer
  • Ointment for infected eyes
  • Saline solution for colds
  • Anti-insect spray
  • Ointment for when the teeth come through
  • Paracetamol suppositories
  • Scissors and nail scissors
  • Moist wipes
  • Sun cream + aftersun

Protect your baby properly against the sun

You probably already know that it is best to take a factor 50+ sun cream in your travel pack when you leave for a sunny destination. What we do want to tell you is how to apply the sun cream. It may sound strange, but it will only protect your baby if he looks like a white smurf. Unfortunately, few parents do this.

A hat with a string under the chin is also very important to prevent the child from getting sunburn. Did you know that you can even buy special UV-resistant clothing?

Travelling by plane

A young child has very sensitive ears. The pressure difference can make children cry for hours during the flight. You do not want to do this to the other passengers, do you? Make sure your baby has something to drink or chew on during take-off and landing.

Does your child already have a slight cold or does it have an ear problem (which increases the pressure difference)? It is best to give them a painkiller and rinse their nose well with physiological serum half an hour before departure.

Travelling to risk areas

Are you going to a risk area? Then you may need anti-malarial drugs and insect repellents. It is best to inquire at the Institute of Tropical Medicine or your GP.

Before travelling: vaccinations

The vaccinations that your child needs to take depend on the destination and age. The best solution is to go to your doctor and ask.

If you’re going to Curaçao, for instance, your son or daughter won’t need any extra vaccinations. For a trip to South-East Asia, however, they do.

Extra tips

Keep all essential medication in your hand luggage. Ask your doctor for a certificate of all this medication before you leave. Be careful, however, as the maximum permitted liquid is 100 ml.

You may also carry baby food (both milk and formula) in your hand baggage. The quantity depends on how much your child will need during the flight.

Please note: Mosquito repellent products may not be carried in your hand baggage!

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