Make your journey as comfortable as possible with these tips!

You are so happy because you can finally go on a trip by plane! Until you realise that you will have to spend 10 hours or more in an uncomfortable seat. Then, when you want to sleep, it’s not so easy because there is too much noise or the seats are totally uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

1. Reduce noise with earplugs

Sometimes you may feel the need to shut out the noise around you. That is when earplugs come in handy. It is also useful if you have a snoring neighbour in the plane.

2. Sleeping peacefully? You’ll thank the sleep mask

Taking a night flight? Then you will probably try to sleep on the plane. For some people this goes like a piece of cake, others really struggle with this. Because it is not comfortable and there is too much light. Therefore, we recommend you to take a sleeping mask with you. That way you can get a good night’s sleep in a dark environment. 

3. Download the Netflix app or take a book with you

5 hours doesn’t seem long, but when you’re sitting in a chair with nothing to do, time goes very slowly. So make sure you have some entertainment with you. For example, you can download a film in advance. Are you on a 12-hour flight? Then hold a ‘Lord of the Rings’ marathon. All films together last 12 hours so you don’t even have to do anything else. Besides downloading a film, you can also read a book. Are you a fast reader and is one book not enough? Then an e-reader could be something for you. On an e-reader, you can download different books and thus keep yourself busy for hours.

Extra tip: Don’t forget a powerbank because you don’t want your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to go flat when you are only halfway through your flight.

4. Want to sleep comfortably? Take a neck pillow with you

An aeroplane seat is often not the most comfortable place to sleep. A neck pillow can partly solve that problem. You are still not lying flat (when flying economy class) but you can rest your head against something. This gives a pleasant feeling and you might fall asleep faster.

5. Games

Not travelling alone? Then think of some games you can play together, like Pictionary or OXO. It will ensure that the atmosphere between you is good before you arrive at your destination.

6. Drawing or colouring

Do you have a talent for drawing? Then bring a small drawing book and a pencil. You can, for example, draw what you see on the plane or the person sitting next to you.

If you are more of a colouring fan, this can also be an option. There are very nice adult colouring books that can provide a lot of fun and pastime.

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