The sun is not as innocent as you think. So use sun cream!

Do you also enjoy lying in the sun at the beach or at the swimming pool? Most people love it too, but they often forget to apply sunscreen. Always keep in mind that the sun’s rays are carcinogenic and you need to be careful. Find out now when and how to apply sunscreen and which rays are the most ‘dangerous’.

Protect yourself from UV rays

Just like sunglasses, sun cream protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Did you know there are actually two types of rays? Namely UVB and UVA rays. But what is the difference?

UVA rays

These rays do not only occur in summer but are present all year round. Even in winter when it is cloudy. The UVA rays can simply penetrate clouds and glass and attack your skin cells. It can then cause skin ageing, pigmentation disorders and the development of skin cancer and sun allergies.

UVB rays

UVB rays can give you a nice tan because they penetrate the skin. Unfortunately, they can also cause sunburn. Like UVAs, UVBs can cause skin cancers.

Never forget to put on sun cream again

Going out? Then protect yourself sufficiently, even if it’s cloudy. The easiest solution is to buy a day cream with SPF. It will protect you for the whole winter. Be careful to apply a layer of sunscreen on sunny days, especially in summer.

Fact: Sand reflects 80% of the UV rays, so you will tan or burn faster if you spend a day at the sea.

Which sun cream do you need?

Never think that the protection factor indicates how much you will tan, because that is totally incorrect. Each skin type will need a different factor or Sun Protection Factor (SPF). SPF indicates the amount of sunlight your skin can be exposed to.

Light skin and hair colour, such as blonde or red hair and freckles?

We have less good news for you. You burn very quickly and never tan. That’s why we recommend factor 50.

Light skin and hair colour, such as blonde, brown or dark brown?

Then you will still burn quickly, but you will have a slightly better chance of getting a tan. Nevertheless, we recommend SPF 50.

Average tinted skin and dark blonde or brown hair?

The chance of you getting sunburned is a little less and you will tan gradually. So you can choose between factor 30 and 50.

Southern type with a tinted skin (even if you have not been in the sun)?

You will tan easily anyway. We therefore advise you to use factor 30.

Light brown or dark skin and dark brown to black hair?

You will almost never burn. So apply SPF 20 to 30.

Dark skin?

We have good news for you! You will almost never burn and therefore a factor of 15 will be sufficient for you.

2 more important tips

Apply every 2 hours

Believe us, one application a day is definitely not enough! If you want to be well protected, you should put on sunscreen every two hours. Be sure to re-apply after spending time in the water.

Make sure you cover all spots properly

Apply plenty of sun block everywhere, especially on your face, arms, legs and neck. But there are some spots that are always forgotten, such as your hairline, ears, armpits, groin area and soles of feet. These are very sensitive areas, however. So don’t forget to oil them in the future.

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